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PUBLIC SOLITUDE - Adilso Machado

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How are loneliness, emptiness and anguish manifested in the body? How are these feelings elaborated in a society hyperconnected by cell phones and social networks? It was from these questions and inspired by the novel O Estrangeiro, by Albert Camus, that the Santa Catarina dancer Adilso Machado created the solo show Solidão Pública.  Tom Monteiro's electronic soundtrack, performed live, and Leonardo Roat's lighting, which alternates shadows and light on a purple background, create an atmosphere of tension for Machado's syncopated movements. Former member of the German company Toula Limnaios, former member of Cena 11 Companhia de Dança and current artistic director of the Circar Artes do Corpo group, the dancer created a show of great dramatic intensity, which conveys feelings and sensations to the stage. in a way they define our time.

Conception and Performance:  Adilso Machado

Interlocution:  Wagner Schwartz |

Song:  Tom Monteiro

Lighting:  Leonard Roat.

Work performed at  Sesc Dance Biennial 2017

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