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Dos Prazeres (2019)

Music to Watch (2018)

Lost in Spaceshit and Blue (2015)

Baleia (2014)

A Emparedada da Rua Nova (2014)

Afro Margin (2011)

Tudo que é imaginável existe é e tem

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E2 Cia de Teatro e Dança, directed by Eliana de Santana, has been active in São Paulo since 1996. It conducts research in contemporary dance that takes as its starting point the reference/inspiration in Brazilian literature and in the work of various visual artists, investigating poetics linked to the theme of the anonymous subject. 

Performer and choreographer Eliana da Santana began her career in the theater in 1984. She studied and worked with directors such as Antunes Filho (CPT), Antônio Abujamra (in the show "A Serpente") and Gerald Thomaz (in the show "Un Glauber"). In 1996, she premiered "Tragédia Brasileira" (Brazilian Tragedy), her first work in dance, based on a text of the same name by Manuel Bandeira. He created the solo "Das Faces do Corpo", inspired by the photographic work of Arthur Omar, research that was awarded the Bolsa Vitae de Artes. In November 2006, she premiered the work "Francisca da Silva de Oliveira - Chica da Silva - Um Esboço", a research that received the Klauss Vianna Dance Funarte Award. In 2008/2009, Eliana de Santana created "... e das outras doçuras de deus", inspired by chronicles by Clarice Lispector. With this performance Eliana received in 2011 the APCA Award in the category Creative Performer in Dance. 

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