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Extratemporânea is a theater group performing for 7 years in São Paulo city. Between 2015 and 2020 performed  “Fauna fácil de bestas simples” (2015, dir. Pedro Massuela),  “A demência dos touros” (2017, dir. Ines Bushatsky, dramaturgy by Dodi Leal), “Roda morta – uma farsa psicótica” (2018, dir. Clayton Mariano).  The last one, adapted to the movies, lead to the first feature film by the company. 

“Rompecabezas” (dir. Dellani Lima), starred in 15º Festival of Cinema Latin-American of São Paulo, in december 2020.

Beyond the feature film, the company made the short film FALSO FILME, directed by Bushatsky e Mostazo, starred in Possible Cinema Exhibition 2021. In july 2021, the Cia premiered the online show “B de Beatriz Silveira”, and in june 2022, “O mistério cinematográfico de Sendras Berloni”, both directed by Ines Bushatsky and created with nucleus F de Falso, artistic-pedagogical project by the company aimed to creation of unique montages.


Dr. Anti (2022)

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