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passions of the soul

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A woman in her kitchen prepares a stew and gives a recipe for how to protect yourself from the passions that attack our souls. Inspired by the work of French philosopher René Descartes.

Based on the philosophy of René Descartes

With: Cláudia Missura and Natália Mallo

Adapted and directed by Marcelo Romagnoli

Scenic space and lighting: Marisa Bentivegna

Costume: Fábio Namatame

Musical direction: Natália Mallo

Body: Renata Melo

Original songs: José Miguel Wisnik /Alice Ruiz /Natália Mallo

Costume design: Tina Simão

Philosophy Consulting: George Barcat

Graphic project: Sato

Photos: Lenise Pinheiro and Mariana Molinos          

Work carried out at Sesc Consolação, Bauru, São José dos Campos 2017/2018

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