Desfazenda - Bury me outside this place (2021)

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Founded in 2017, O Bonde is a theater collective formed by black and peripheral artists, from the Escola Livre de Teatro de Santo André and that has as its fundamental research the investigation about the peripheral black body and the construction of an antiracist and powerful imaginary to several forms of representation, through research with the word and the narrative, as tools of access, denunciation and expansion of afro diasporic discussions and their unfoldings. 

In 2018 it was contemplated by the 8th edition of the Zé Renato Award of the Municipal Secretariat of Culture of the city of São Paulo with the staging of the black children's show "Quando eu morrer, vou contar tudo a Deus" with text by Maria Shu, direction by Ícaro Rodrigues and musical direction by Cristiano Gouveia. The show premiered in 2019 at Sesc Belenzinho, where it earned the title of second children's show - first black-themed children's show - to sell out box office in the history of the theater of this unit. The show was seen by over 7000 people, passing through states such as São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Florianópolis. In 2020, O Bonde was again awarded the 11th edition of the Zé Renato de Teatro prize with the staging of the film-play "Desfazenda - Me burem fora desse lugar" with text by Lucas Moura, direction by Roberta Estrela D'alva and musical direction by Dani Nega, premiered virtually in 2021 through the Palco Virtual of Itaú Cultural, having its tickets sold out in this short premiere season. The play-film participated in the Midrash Theater Festival/RJ and in interviews for the channel ARTE 1 and Blog Deus Ateu, besides mentions in theater critic blogs with highlights to Dramaturgy, Cast, Direction, Musical Direction and Lighting. It received 5 stars in the Folha de São Paulo and was nominated for Best Play in the APCA Awards.