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 CAMARGO - C ompany La Congregación Teatro        (Colombia)


How can art approach the mind of a psychopath who has killed more than 150 women, between 8 and 20 years old, for considering them virgins? The company La Congregación Teatro transposes the terrible allegations and real practices of Daniel Camargo Barbosa (1930-1994), confronted from the victims' point of view, to the stage. The Colombian who claimed to be an evangelical and sounded amiable in his weakness also traveled through Brazil and Ecuador, this being the country where he committed the majority of crimes in the 1980s.

The deaths were by strangulation, after rape. Invariably, they happened to impoverished populations. The staging incorporates a certain layer of documentary theater, but the atmosphere of suspense and mystery prevails. Viewers occupy chairs along a table to which the characters gravitate.

The company was co-founded in 2006 by actor, director and playwright Johan Velandia. It brings together theater, dance, music and audiovisual artists mobilized by social and political themes.

Text and Direction:  Johann Velandia

Cast: Ana María Sánchez, Diana Belmonte, Nelson Camayo and Johan Velandia

Light Technician: Maicol Medina

Assistant Director: Richard Evans

Work done  at the Mirada Festival 2016

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