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Brazilian choreographer and performer. Her creations investigate the materiality and anatomy of bodies and things, exposing textures, densities, forms, and fluids in situations that explore the borders between delight and disturbance. Through the contact-collision between materials, she experiments logics guided by sensations and eroticisms, which often rub against meanings and social or cultural expectations. She studied Law / Public Politics in Brazil, Dance and Choreography in different places such as the Essais program at CNDC d’Angers (France) and the MA SODA (UdK / HZT Berlin). Since 2021 she has lived in between Berlin and São Paulo. Finger was a fellow of the Martin Roth Initiative 2021/2022, and in 2023 is a resident artist at Radialsystem, in the frame of Weltoffenes Berlin fellowship.


Gesture Stories (2023)

Gestures Stories (Audiovisual series)

Curious Compounds 


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