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ALL TOGETHER - Juan Onofre        ( Argentina)

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Argentine director Juan Onofri Barbato provokes a clash of references by bringing together, in the same scene, popular and erudite. At the Campinas bus station, pianist Santiago Torricelli plays fragments of Beethoven's Sonata Opus 31 nº 2 and original minimal music live, while dancer Lucas Yair Araujo accompanies him with singular and powerful movements of contemporary dance and street movements. By proposing a dialogue between such diverse universes, the performance provokes a feeling of estrangement in the audience and highlights the differences and heterogeneity of the bodies and trajectories of its performers. “This experience seeks to produce an accumulation of musical, symbolic, choreographic and architectural simultaneities, without consensus or balance between them. Todo Junto is a ritual as extreme as it is temporary”, says Barbato.
The show was created for the Intervenciones Choreográficas Cycle, organized by the Fondo Nacional de Las Artes, in 2012, in Argentina, in the form of an occupation in what was the home of Victoria Ocampo (1890-1979), a famous writer and high-school intellectual. country's aristocracy. Afterwards, it was presented in nine other spaces, always artists' occupations.
Performer: Lucas Yair Araujo
Original music and interpretation: Santiago Torricelli 
Songs: Fragments of Sonata Opus 31 N2 LV Beethoven 
Photo: Sebastian Arpesella
Directing assistance: Amparo González Sola
Idea and direction: Juan Onofri Barbato


Work performed at the 2017 Dance Biennial

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