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Laura Samy is a dancer and choreographer with a degree in Theater Theory from Unirio. She lives and in Rio de Janeiro as an independent artist and collaborates continuously with artists artists in dance, theater and performing arts projects in general. She is the creator and producer of Mostra Caixote, an independent dance show held in partnership with Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro between 2016 and 2019 and which in 2021 was held in the format of Festival Caixote Festival at MAM (Aldir Blanc/Festivais/2021). His most recent creations are O Pássaro e a
Eel - a film and dance show of the same name made in close collaboration with the researcher and dancer Maria Alice Poppe (Funarte Award 2020/ Retomada Cultural - Aldir Blanc - 2021); CRAVO - dance film created and performed in partnership with Alice Poppe at the invitation by SESC RIO / 2021; Enquanto Borbulha, a dance-theater show for children, with Miwa Yanagizawa and Leonardo Laureano (Theater Editing Award /FUNARJ/2021-2022); 7Samurais dance show (Edital Sesc Pulsar/RJ/2021-2022; and Identidade solo work with Raphael Duarte/RPop performed as part of an artistic residency at the Cacilda Becker Theater/Support Funarte/ 2023. He has partnered with Thiago Granato, Renato Linhares, Alice Ripoll, Marina Vianna,Marcela Levi, Dani Lima, Marcelo Braga, João Saldanha, João Modé, Clara Kutner, Soraya Ravenle, Gustavo Ciríaco and Clarissa Rego, among others.

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