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Streams in Black & White #21 (2021)
To see what's possible
Haiku-powered fortuitous encounters (2017)
From 1 to 1 (2014)

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Dance and performance artist, creator of Companhia Flotuante, is interested in the power of the encounter between people and places and in movement. Graduated from C.E.M. Centro em Movimento, Lisbon/Portugal. She worked at Estúdio Nova Dança and was co-creator and performer at Cia 2 Nova Dança, in São Paulo. She won the Rede Stagium 98 scholarship, Rumos Dança Itaú Cultural, Funarte Klauss Vianna and Integrated Arts Award, cultural support from the Japan Foundation and promotion of Dance in 2011 and 2012. Highlights the trilogy of solos: They said I was Japanese (2004), E I Said: (2007) and Is Japan here? (2008), the works “Flutuante” (2011) and “Fluxos em Preto&Branco” (2012-2018), the project “Leões” (2016/19), with Peter Michael Dietz, the artistic research project in dance “Para se see what is possible” (2016- 2019). It has partnerships with lighting designer Ligia Chaim, artist Suiá Burger Ferlauto, musicians Sandra Ximenez, Jorge Peña, Manuel Pessoa Lima and Ramiro Murillo, singer Inés Terra, photographers Inês Corrêa and Gil Grossi, Núcleo Dança Aberta, among others. He is currently developing the project “To see what is possible”, “Fluxos em Preto&White #21” and “Practice for a Succulent Dance”. Leticia is a dance teacher, movement director, Somatic Movement Educator at BMC®, DanceAbility® teacher, Aikidoist and body therapist. It is part of the Center for Oriental Studies, coordinated by Christine Greiner PUC/SP, from Movimento a Dança se Move, Espaço Extranho, Estúdio Simpatia257 and Deha Terapias Integradas. She is Dan's mother.

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