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Made of paper and glue, and drawn with scissors, the Marias are characters not in the literal sense, for we will not recognize them in the streets or in our lives. They are a kind of consciousness, they are ways of talking about the world and with the world! The world of the Marias is a place of the can always, where it is possible to find new horizons, it is a call to rescue the look of childhood, of joy, that reminds us that we can not take life so seriously.

The Marias are fun, irreverent, colorful, and poetic. They are an invitation to another state of reality, where one can transit through the frontier of the real and the imaginary. They provoke smiles, curiosity, and ignite fantasy, which is often lost in the real, everyday landscape. They are playful female figures who have an enormous capacity to revive fantasy, to create sensitive, formal, affective, and intellectual experiences that feed the imaginary. In this way, they can inhabit everyday life, discuss the environment and human rights, stroll through literature and the world of art and poetry.

The technique is collage. A language inherited from the vanguard of modern art, the works of Braque and Picasso, who brought the innovation of collage to canvas by introducing letters, words, numbers, pieces of wood, glass, metal, and even whole objects into the paintings. 

To say that we all have the child we once were inside us may seem trite and commonplace. However, we cannot deny that we often draw on our childhood experiences and how fundamental and inspiring they are for our daily and adult lives. 

The Marias move exactly in this world: where time and space are non-existent and meanings are diverse.  MC

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