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Artist and body arts researcher, Marina Guzzo has a post-doctorate by the Performing Arts Department at ECA-USP and a Master's and Doctorate in Social Psychology from PUC-SP. She is an Adjunct Professor at Unifesp in the Campus Baixada Santista, researcher of the Body and Art Lab and coordinator of the Núcleo Interdisciplinar de Dança - N(i)D. She focuses her creations on the interface of artistic languages and the uncertainty of contemporary life, mixing dance, performance and circus to explore the limits of the body and subjectivity in cities and in nature. Her research is structured around three axes: 1) the precariousness of art - that it can happen in any territory, without any technical or spatial need; 2) aesthetic accessibility - art for all audiences, that can be seen and shared by all ages and social classes; 3) issues related to the Anthropocene and the new ways of existing that emerge from the changes.


Ilhas (Island) 2021

Floresta (Forest) 2020

21 actions for women and plants (2020)

Iara - solo for a multitude of fishes (2020)

Frictions (2019)

Celeste - cosmology of a jump (2018)

Sea - a dance with the wind (2017)

Ships (2014)

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