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He (2021)
Not her - what is good is always being destroyed. (2020)


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He is a non-binary transmasculine artist, director, actor and performer. His research takes place between the intersections of visual arts, poetry, performance and theater. He researches mainly the tensions provoked by gender representations in the social scope.

He has a technical degree in acting from SP Escola de Teatro and a BA in Philosophy from Universidade de São Paulo. In the philosophy department, he developed an academic research with CAPES scholarship on post-dramatic and performative theater, under the guidance of Prof. Ricardo N. Fabbrini (FFLCH-USP), from 2017 to 2019. In the same period, he participated in the Study Group on Contemporary Aesthetics at USP. In 2020, he developed the piece Não ela: o que é bom está sempre sendo destruído, alongside his creative and affective partner, Lucas Miyazaki. The work was invited to participate, in early 2021, in the program of artistic residencies of the Centro Cultural da Diversidade. In October 2021, he integrated the exhibition No free love, sex is gratitude, gender affirmation and subjectivities, at Galeria Mola, in Braga, Portugal, with four paintings and a video performance. Also in 2021, he developed the piece Ele (He), also in partnership with Lucas Miyazaki. The work was selected to be part of the 29th MixBrasil Festival, and won the Golden Coelho Award from the jury for the best piece. In 2022, he enters the Graduate Program in Performing Arts at USP with research on his two plays, biodrama, performativity and transmasculine trajectories, under the supervision of Prof. Marcos Aurélio Bulhões Martins.

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