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Ôma is a game, but not. A spectacle, but far away. An invitation to walk through universes and worlds beyond a house inhabited by an avatar. A preprogrammed conversation with silence or with not always artificial intelligences.

Created collectively and in isolation amidst the pandemic and chaos of today, Ôma offers those who play the choice between two avatars: Lala or Tetê. They are the digital version of actresses Laíza Dantas and Tetembua Dandara who also participate in the game live and pre-programmed. The former spectacle is a gamification of reality, providing the public with a distant (why not tragicomic?) view of our existence.



You will need a computer with google chrome to keep up with this schedule.

It is not possible to play from mobile.


ultraVioleta_s is a theater and art technology group, composed of Aline Olmos, Laíza Dantas and Paula Hemsi. The components are actresses, cultural managers, artistic directors, lighting designers, video editors, programmers and photographers. They are currently investigating the relationship between theater, art technology, programming, video art and video games. But it all started very differently, the company was created in 2007 called Academia de Clowns at Unicamp and for seven years it researched the language of the Brazilian ring clown and the Brazilian theater circus. In 2016, with the creation of the show Adeus, Clowns Mortos, the group gave a new meaning to diving into popular theater and verticalized the intersection between theater and visual arts. In 2019, he created the show There are Days Que Não Morro, which unfolded the same aesthetic search when discussing contemporary imprisonment and staged an unprecedented dramaturgy. With an international career and some important accrued awards (Shell, APCA, Aplauso Brasil and others), the group seeks to provoke artistic fissures in daily life that unbalance the viewer and remind them of their human condition.

Idealization and Game Design ultraVioleta_s
Direction and script Aline Olmos, Laíza Dantas, Paula Hemsi and Tetembua Dandara
Acting videos Laíza Dantas and Tetembua Dandara
Soundtrack Paula Mirhan
Studio Mastering 55hz, Rui Barossi and Vinicius Scorza
Editing videos and teasers Laíza Dantas
Programming and level design Paula Hemsi and Vinicius Scorza
Illustration Sr Edaír and Tetê Alexandre de Melo Dantas
Murilo Chevalier advertising images
Cover image and visual identity Renan Marcondes
Translation Hillary Jo Caldis
Production Coordination and Partnerships Aline Olmos
Hillary Jo Caldis Partnership Consulting
UltraViolet_s Production, Tetembua Dandara and Tracked Body
Guest artists with works in the game Carla Massa, Bruta Flor Filmes, Eduardo Bordinhon, Coletivo Bijari and Matias Arce

Support N-1 Editions, UBU Publisher, Goodstorage – São Paulo's self storage

Indicative rating 12 years
Show duration 60 to 80 minutes

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