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THE TAMER - Paula Picarelli 


The show, a psychological drama, exposes the internal processes of a woman who is reaching her 40s, with difficulty recognizing old age, the decay of her body and the contact with her memories, scenes from her childhood, adolescence and youth, in particular mismatches in relation to the expectations of others and their own. The circus artist, seeing the animal's huge paw almost touching her nose, has to face her biggest fear: getting old.

The choice of environment – the circus – is not by chance. During the process of designing the show, the creators spoke with several people linked to this universe, a place that welcomes and explores inequalities, expanding the possibilities of action.

The scenario itself explores the multiplicity of thoughts that go through the protagonist's head. The actress performs between mobile screens, fabrics that receive video projections and mirrors, deforming (or not) her image on stage.\


Conception, dramaturgy and interpretation: Paula Picarelli
Direction, conception, photography and video: Otávio Dantas
Artistic collaboration: Clayton Mariano
Participation: Mary Lamberti
Body Mind Movement: Rodrigo Palma
Light: Fabricio Licursi
Music: Miguel Caldas
Costumes and Objects: Chris Aizner
Set design and video: Anna Turra
Cenotechnician: Fernando Brettas
Graphic design: Juh Ledi
Production: Body Tracked

Work done Sesc Pinheiros Season 2017

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