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PUNISHMENT - Teatro La Memoria ( Chile)


 Punishment  of the group  La Memoria Theater  it is a singular spectacle. Here, the word is minimal and so is the gesture. The little that happens does so very slowly like the boy looking into the mirror, the maid preparing the table for dinner and then serving the soup, the prayers before the meal, the maid singing while the family eats. After the punishment the boy receives from his father, realism is abruptly shattered by a snowstorm that invades the house and annihilates almost the entire family (the boy gets away with entering the scene after the disaster with an air of victory and revenge ). Based on an autobiographical text by August Strindberg, the show is very beautiful and has features of Nordic Europe reminiscent of paintings by the Dutch painter Vermeer.  

Text: August Strindberg

Direction and Dramaturgy: Cristian Plana

Directing Assistance: Carla Casali

Cast: Alexandra von Humme, Daniela Robert, Diego Salvo, Natalia Ríos and Rodrigo Soto

Stage Design: Belén Abarza

Sound: Diego Noguera

Scenario: Cristián Canales, Fernando Quiroga and Sandro Compayante

Co-production: Teatro La Memoria and Fundación Teatro a Mil

Work performed at the Mirada Festival 2014

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