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This is yet another attempt to build a bed. And this bed is no nest, it won't give birth to anyone and it won't offer the rest we deserve. Perhaps it bears witness to the inertia of feelings, words and actions that we have been repeating since 1837. A stage installation for a contemporary dramaturgy based on Georg Büchner's Leonce and Lena. From idleness to boredom. From boredom to sex. From sex to violence. From violence to control.

Direction: Luiz Fernando Marques (Lubi) 

Assistant director: Erica Montanheiro 

Dramaturgy: Duda Machado, Camila Cohen, Erica Montanheiro, Luiz Fernando Marques (Lubi) and Luiz Felipe Bianchini

Cast: Duda Machado, Camila Cohen and Luiz Felipe Bianchini. 

Lighting: Wagner Antônio 

Set: Luiz Fernando Marques (Lubi) 

Photos: Isadora Relvas 

Production: Lud Picosque - Corpo Rastreado

Press Office - Márcia Marques - Canal Aberto

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