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FarOFFa was created by the 7th São Paulo International Theater Exhibition - MITsp, in March 2020, taking root in the cultural environment of São Paulo, as a parallel art circuit. Our occupation is a collaborative project in which artistes, producers, technicians, public and private spaces are mobilized to create another place for dance, theater, music and performance.


We experiment and enjoy having performances in the morning, afternoon and evening. Curious bodies are invited to experience a space where art promotes possibilities of enjoyment and encounter through artistic works. There are 6 days of intense experience, to feed on poetry, connections, discoveries, provocations.


FarOFFa is off. It takes place parallel to a large show and is disconnected from its formal context. At the same time it happens as one of its activities, it expands access to independent art projects and faces the great challenge of making new friends. FarOFFa is for everyone, whoever comes and pays when you can. Be one more, we wait for you in the next edition.

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