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The theatrical collective 28 Patas Furiosas has been conducting artistic research since 2013, based on authorial creative procedures that move between theater and the visual arts, guided by the universe of authors who wrote their works in contexts of political and social instability: from this is that the group built the three shows that make up the Trilogy of Instability. They are: Lenz, another one; The Apple Tree; and WALL. All works were created between 2013 to 2019.


As it could not be otherwise, the group's creative processes in this period had been directly affected and contaminated by the destabilizing sociopolitical events of the last 06 years, which had an impact on the invention of myths that seek to reflect these moments in the Trilogy's pieces. Thus, the will to create "contemporary myths" for each piece comes from the fact that the group's research is based on the ideas of instability and flux, where we do not seek to create unique, linear meanings, since this, for us, would reflect stability. Myth, on its turn, can be accessed and read in different ways, besides allowing the encounter with other ways of narrating and creating images, generating new reading possibilities for the audience.


From Instability to Dreams (2021)

Wall (2019)

Lenz, another

The apple tree​

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