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The Next Season - One  Show  to Read (2016)

2x2=5 The Underground Man (2015)

The Dark Armchair (2003)

The Man with the Flower in his Mouth (1993)​​

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Cacá Carvalho was born in Belém do Pará in 1953. At the age of 16, he began working in theatre. Actor from Grupo Experiência made shows by Nelson Rodrigues, musical collages   a children's show inside a corvette along the Amazon River to Manaus. 

He moves to São Paulo where he starts studying at the school at Piccolo Teatro de São Paulo. 

In 1977, he joined the cast of Macunaíma's production by Mário de Andrade, directed by Antunes Filho.

He stayed in the group until July 1980, traveling through all the capitals of Brazil and several countries in Europe.

In 1986, directed by Roberto Lage, he edits “Meu Tio, O Iauaretê” by Guimarães Rosa. He toured Brazil and Italy in 1988. Already in Pontedera under the direction of Roberto Bacci, he performed several shows and experiences in the field of research and studies or training workshops. He received the title of Honorary Citizen of Pontedera.

Among the shows under the direction of Roberto Bacci, he performs: “O Homem com a Flores na Boca”, “A Armchair Escura” and “Um, None, Cem Mil. With the same team, “The Secret Guest” assembles a study on Jean Jouvet's classes.

In São Paulo, with Teatro della Toscana - Teatro Era de Pontedera, he founded the Casa Laboratório para das Artes do Teatro, which he maintained for 14 years. A partnership with the Corpo Rastreado Center of São Paulo begins. Masters from various countries Italy, Singapore, France, Cuba have passed through Casa Laboratório, as well as dozens of masters from all over Brazil in a work of training for independence   of the creative actor. In partnership with Roberto Bacci, he directs “O Homem Provisório” from Grande Sertão Veredas. 'Os Figurantes' urban study.   In 2015 “Ingratitude is Cold as Marble” a study on Shakespeare's “King Lear” when it closes its doors in the face of so many difficulties that the culture was going through at the time and that has deepened until these days.

He meets Michele Santeramo's work “The Next Season – a show to read” which in Brazil was directed by Márcio Medina.

Prepares the editing of a new text by Michele Santeramo; “Leonardo – a hidden work” an invented story about Leonardo da Vinci.

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