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The stories of Dona Zaninha (2012)


Calango Deu! The stories of Dona Zaninha (2012)

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An absolute success with audiences and critics, directed by Isaac Bernat, Calango deu! - Os causos da Dona Zaninha, written and performed by Suzana Nascimento, is a theater show based on the popular culture of Minas Gerais. The monologue was built throughout 5 years of research, done by the actress and author, which includes vocabulary, habits, stories, songs, beliefs; in short, a great celebration of popular wisdom.  Dona Zaninha is a guardian of these rich collections of memories - a genuine storyteller, hilarious by her manner and language, but profound with her "wisdom" about Time. 


Besides telling surprising tales of love, of hauntings, of priests and old ladies, of "shamelessness", the character also invites the audience to sing with her mandolin, while she teaches a recipe or a charm. She also talks about her memories with her illustrious friends from Minas Gerais: Drummond, Guimarães Rosa, Bartolomeu Campos de Queirós, Bituca, and others. Between a cup of coffee and a good cup of cachaça from Minas, Dona Zaninha takes us to other places, either true - of the actress from Minas Gerais and her reliquaries - or fanciful, but filled with humor, poetry, and memory. "When you don't know where to go, remember where you came from" (Sotigui Kouiaté - African griot)

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