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DUB LOVE - Cecilia Bengolea (France)


In Dub Love, dancers François Chaignaud, Cecilia Bengolea and Alex Cephus demystify the formality and tradition of classical ballet. Amidst a large sound system, the three dancers, dressed in flesh-colored tights and pointe shoes, experiment with gestures that seem straight out of religious rituals to the sound of a remix of dub and reggae created by DJ High Elements. It is the deconstruction of the classical ballet danced at the top in front of the vibrant and impactful music coming out of the ghettos.


French dancer and historian, François Chaignaud turns his practice to the combination of choreography, music, singing and history. His varied influences result in intense and hybrid performances, which range from classical dance to sexual and spiritual expressions. François collaborates with artists from different fields of activity and countries. Cecilia Bengolea is Argentinean, but lives and works in Paris. He is particularly interested in the anthropology of dance, which is reflected in the modern and at the same time primitive character of his performances. He collaborates with contemporary artists such as Jeremy Deller (England), Marinella Senatore (Italy), Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (France), Monika Gintersdorfer and Knut Klassen (Germany). Together, Cecilia and François signed a choreography for TanzTheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch in 2015.

Member of the FranceDanse Brasil2016 Programming.

Conception: Cecilia Bengolea, with the collaboration of Ana Pi and François Chaignaud
Performers: François Chaignaud, Cecilia Bengolea and Alex Cephus

Hip-hop collaboration: Ange Koué
MC on scene: MatDTSound (about music by High Elements)
Lighting and costume design: Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud
Administration and production: Anne Reungoat / Jeanne Lefèvre
Broadcast: Sarah de Ganck / Art Happens

Production: Vlovajob Pru

Work performed at the FRANCEDANSE Festival – Sesc Pompeia 2016

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