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Cia. Mundu Rodá (SP), founded in 2000 by artists Juliana Pardo and Alício Amaral, has continued its research work and, since its inception, has contributed to a movement of contemporary Brazilian arts that think beyond Eurocentric patterns of creation and modes of production. It has been building its own scenic language based on observation, interrelationship and practice with Traditional Brazilian Manifestations and the Work of Performing Artists, in the areas of Theater, Dance and Music. Based on field research and exchanges with artists from different fields, we have worked on creating a methodology for preparing and staging performers that dialogues with the urgencies and forms of our own time and with the ancestral knowledge that constitutes our active sources. The physical and energetic principles that make up Traditional Brazilian Manifestations, as well as the biomechanical study of the playing body and the different elements that make it up, permeate our artistic-pedagogical work.


Hiléia - sower of waters (2024)

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