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NORMAL -  Alias Company (Switzerland) 


The obstacles of life and the capacity for human resilience are central themes in Normal, a show by Alias, a Swiss contemporary dance company created by Brazilian choreographer Guilherme Botelho. The choreographic structure is built on a single movement: bodies that fall and rise. The simple action gains complexity through repetitions that form a mesmerizing atmosphere.

These cyclical movements allow the audience to enter a more contemplative state, which favors the projection of their own memories and personal feelings. “The show brings this ability that we have to build on the wreckage. This happens in a suggested way and not narrative or dramatic, creating a certain 'normality' for these falls. There is also the idea of acceptance, that ups and downs are part of life and that a rich life is also a tumultuous life”, says Botelho, who for more than 20 years has been thinking about the image of people who cannot stay on track. , in balance.

Although not directly inspired by the work of Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska (1923-2012), the choreography is related to the metaphysical, ironic, everyday and sometimes funny atmosphere of her poems that testify to the fragile and unstable structure of life.

Choreography: Guilherme Botelho
Lighting: Jean-Philippe Roy
Original soundtrack: Fernando Corona/Murcof
Costumes: Amandine Rutschmann
Dancers: Arnaud Bacharach, Eve Bouchelot, Erica Bravini, Gabriel Simo's, Louis Bourel and Veronica Garcia
Assistant dancer: Victoria Hoyland
Technique: Alexandre Kurth
Production: Cia Alias
Co-production: Théâtre Forum Meyrin and Théâtre du Crochetan
Production in Brazil: Tracked Body

Work performed at the Sesc Dance Biennial  2019 and Sesc Consolação 2019

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