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Uniting the experiences accumulated over 25 years of career, Jackie Obrigon and Marcelo Romagnoli got together and created Cia Bendita.

Partners since they studied at ECA-USP, they invited artists who have always followed their trajectory in their various productions. Focusing on new dramaturgies aimed at childhood and family, Cia Bendita premiered, in 2012, "Terremota", which discusses important themes in the formation of children. In 2017, with " Gagá", it dealt with sensitive layers to two particular universes: old age and childhood. Cia Bendita is, thus, the fruit of long artistic exchange and discovery of new scenic possibilities, having as its research line the creation of shows with critical and poetic language focused on contemporary Brazil. In 2019, the show "elagalinha", Cia's current production, won the APCA award for Best Show Staged in Open Space.


Fábula (2022)

Elagalinha (2019)

Gaga (2017)

Terremota (2012)

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