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EUPÇÃO - O levante ainda não terminou (2022)

Quando Quebra Queima (2017)

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In research since 2020, COLETIVO OCUTÁ is made up of four black research artists under the age of thirty. They are: Vitor Britto, Marcos Oli, Bruno Rocha and Alexandre Ammano.

It is with the desire to deepen their performing experiences and fulfill the various creative functions within the field of performing arts, that COLETIVO OCUTÁ aims to preserve the powers and narratives of the Brazilian black population, affectivity and give new meaning to the bodies on stage. , as well as in the work “O Avesso da Pele”.

In 2020, the collective came into contact with the book and recognized itself in the debates covered by the literary work. His life experiences are considered as narrative language through the words of Jeferson Tenório. The actors recognize themselves as representatives of such experiences outlined in the book, generating a process of bringing the artists' subjectivities closer to the work in the face of the Brazilian social reality where they reside.

From this encounter with the work, the collective decided to get in touch with Tenório, expressing their desire to carry out their theatrical production, bringing the story of the book to the stage space. Given the literary artistic importance, the effective action against structural racism, and the maintenance of this artistic collective that portrays Brazilian diversity, the group defends the relevance of this project for Brazilian society.

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