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Black Brecht – What if Brecht Were Black? (2017)

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Legitima Defesa is a group of artists, actors and actresses, dj's and musicians, of poetic action, therefore political, which focuses on reflection and representation of blackness, its historical social unfoldings and its reflections in the construction of the black persona in the field of artistic languages. Thus constituting a dialogue with other poetic voices that have blackness as a theme and research.

Formed in 2015, the collective Legitima Defesa presented the poetic-political performance Em Legítima Defesa at the 2016 São Paulo International Theatre Festival. In 2017, premiered the show "The mission in fragments: 12 scenes of decolonization in legitimate defense" in the programming of the Mostra internacional de Teatro. He has in his baggage a series of Urban Interventions, such as "Racism is Coup?" and "A face looking for a name". In 2019 premiered the show "Black Brecht - E se Brecht fosse negro?" project contemplated by the Zé Renato Award, considered by the leaf guide as one of the most relevant year of 2019 .

The collective has been provoking several Poetic Immersions in places where the black presence is absent, such as MASP, Pinacoteca and Bienal de São Paulo, among others 

Among its several partnerships, it is worth mentioning the one with the South African musician and performer Neo Muyanga, with whom, besides the collaborations for "The mission in fragments - 12 scenes of decolonization in self-defense" and "Black Brecht - What if Brecht were black?", it has a performance for the 34th São Paulo Biennial A Maze in Grace, in 2020.

This act of aesthetic guerrilla arises from impossibility, arises from restriction, arises from the need to defend existence, life and poetics.

It arises from the act of having a voice.

To be invisibilized is to disappear, to disappear is to lose the past and to interdict the future, therefore it is not an option.

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