RASHA SHOW  - Izabelle Frota, Cleyde Silva, Yang Dallas (Piauí/Brazil)


RaSHa Show emerged as an intervention at Battle Dirceu, one of the biggest events in the Hip Hop scene in Teresina (PI). Since then, it has become a creation laboratory and, at the 2017 Sesc Dance Biennial, it will be presented with the participation of local performers. The performance borrows and seeks to expand the senses of a manifestation present in break dance battles, the split show, a moment in which dancers and crews (groups of them) compete in the intervals of official competitions without the objective of finding a winner, but to warm up , play, tease. RaSha Show invites the audience to participate in the performance, acting as a judge and deciding who is the winner of the battle! RaSha Show is playing at being what you want… in the affirmation of pleasure!

Work performed SESC Dance Biennial 2017