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From Stage to Streets (SP)

For the first time, the costumes from the Theatro Municipal collection were used offstage. Do Palco à Ruas, CCSP's Fashion Curatorship program, planned since 2019, mixed time, context and representation, bringing together 80 outfits, which were duly recorded in photo and video and presented in an armed backstage, installed in Praça das Bibliotecas. There, guest models were produced by 15 beauty and style teams for shootings that took place simultaneously across CCSP.    

The project is an extensive research work on lyrical and dance productions by the Municipal Theater of São Paulo, whose collection includes more than 18,000 pieces of clothing, totaling around 5,000 complete costumes. These are plays that, for the most part, were publicly presented stories only on the stage (the oldest ones date from 1948). From the Stage to the Streets, this magical, rich and unique collection exudes, in the eyes of the population, and in the light of the languages of contemporary dress.

Work carried out in 2020 at CCSP
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