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Me, Moby Dick (2019)

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"In the name of what can we proudly say that we are human above all else?"


I, Moby Dick is a show of extreme visual poetry that takes the audience into an immersive, multimedia and sensory experience. Directed by Renato Rocha and written by Pedro Kosovski, the installation transforms the stage into a multidisciplinary platform, inspired by the imagery provoked by Herman Melville's Moby Dick. 


To embark on the Pequod ship is to embark on a battle between human reason and animal instinct, and to confront Moby Dick is to confront the ghosts we ourselves create, to confront oneself, with the simple possibility of being alive or having to face death itself. 


I, Moby Dick puts the human being at the center, with all his questions and opinions, pains and delights. Many selves are on our stage. Various voices narrating about the ungoverned vessel on which we are all embarked. Each one fighting his or her own particular monster. 

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