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ExREALITY (2020)
If I Were There (2020)

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A theater company that is no longer a theater company can be anything it wants. Even a theater company. Seeking to capture the zeitgeist - our spirit of the times - we explore the transmedia universe in our creations. Theater, audio, installation, cinema, social networks, internet, interactivity, sometimes all together. From site-specific dramaturgies - created especially for each space - we present immersive experiences that put the audience at the center of the work.

Born from a research group formed by artists involved in cultural production and theater, creates in 2012 its first project "Eu - Negotiating Senses" a transmedia immersive theater experience with one month duration, which united social networks and virtual encounters with characters, in addition to face-to-face meetings in a house and in various places in the city - with presentations held in SP and in Munich in Germany, within the artistic residence at Kunstlerhaus Villa Waldberta. 

In 2015, the audio drama experiment Journey debuts within the official programming of the cultural turn at Instituto Capobianco and Satyrianas Festival, later renamed: Frequência Ausente 19hz. It was presented at the Imaginarius Festival in Santa Maria da Feira - Portugal (2016), at Fiat in Podgorica - Montenegro (2017), where it received the special Award as the festival's outstanding performance, at Perfídia Festival in São José do Rio Preto (2017), at Funarte SP (2018), at São João Del Rei Winter Festival (2018), at Curitiba Festival Official Showcase (2018), at Jornada do Patrimônio da Cidade de São Paulo (2018), in São Paulo in a partnership with DPH of the Municipal Secretariat of Culture (2019).

In 2017 he released The Voynich Enigma, a 3d audio and digital graffiti series via app, sponsored by proac artes integradas sp, and available for download today.

In 2019 it premiered Frequenciaausente.doc, an adaptation of frequência ausente 19hz made especially for the Sesc Avenida Paulista building. the public accessed an immersive and itinerant interactive exhibition made as a tribute to Leonardo Gritzbur, an artist member of the group who disappeared in 2018 days before the premiere of his monologue Memento Mori.

In 2020, it launched the webseries Se Eu Estivesse Aí with Gustavo Vaz and Débora Falabella, an immersive experience in first person and 3d audio where the public follows a couple in crisis during the covid 19 pandemic that tries to solve their relationship by exchanging audios via whatsapp. the project was launched on the globo group's gshow platform and on the artists' igtvs.
Also in 2020, in partnership with Teatro Porto Seguro, Excompanhia premiered Exreality, a 9-day reality show where three artists of the group exposed the screen of their cell phones uninterruptedly in a game in search of the meaning of life and a prize of 20 thousand reais.

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