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Glitch (2021)

Ruins of a vanishing future (2020)

Antelope ( 2018)

How to Stay Alive? (2017)

Diaphragm: Essay on impermanence (2016)

Flood (2016)

Diaphragm: Beta Version Device (2015)

Sound Contact (2014)

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Performer and choreographer living in Recife. Her works involve the body in movement in relation to different devices. She investigates the relations of force and power of hegemonic neoliberalism corporeified by intensive training for the end of the world and the limits of resistance in the creation of images, performance programs, installations, videos and urban interventions with a single goal: Dancing so as not to die!

She studied a Master in Art History at UNSAM-Universidad de San Martin/ Argentina , is post - graduate in Visual Art-Combined Artistic Languages at UNA/ Argentina, and graduated in Performing Arts at UFPE. In the year 2017 she started her training as a body therapist - BMC Body Mind Centering. She was awarded the Funarte Scholarship for Training in Performing Arts 2016/2017, studying at the Centre National de la Danse CND/Pantin in France. She participated in SESC's Circuito Palco Giratório in 2018 with the performances "How to stay alive?" and "Sound Contact".

Some of his pseudo - scientific experiments verticalize on the technologies of the body.  They deepen the programmed obsolescence built on the basis of human behavior patterns in relation to gambiarras, analog devices, failure, error and catastrophe, in works such as: Diaphragm: Beta version device(2015), Diaphragm: Essay on Impermanence (2016), Flood (2016) and How to stay alive? (2017).

Currently, he investigates in vitro bacteria in the unhealthy context of the city of Recife: a series of image and performance procedures in the fight against antibiotics. She also performs the performance "Antelope" together with the sound artist Yuri Bruscky. He is developing the research "Ruins of a disappearing future" that almost debuted in São Paulo, but due to the pandemic was postponed until after the end of the world. Her exhibition "Abysses of a body that fails", awarded by the Artistic Residencies Edictal of Fundação Joaquim Nabuco FUNDAJ collapsed.  The artist insists on the dystopia of hacking existence.

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