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Since 2000, “Ângelo Madureira” and “Ana Catarina Vieira” have developed a research in dance, based on the dialogue between their different artistic formations: “Ana Catarina Vieira” comes from the Russian methodology “Vaganova”   and “Ângelo Madureira”, by “Balé Popular do Recife”, directed and founded by his father, “André Madureira”. These twenty years of continued work were dedicated to systematizing, from the perspective of contemporary dance, the materials produced in this dialogue. Along their path, the duo produced, created and directed more than twenty four shows. In addition to the repertoire they were building, they also carried out the project “A Casa do Outros” (2004), with the aim of creating new spaces for contemporary dance.


Roll Cake (2019)

Scientific Name of the Ant (2007)

Delirium (1999)

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