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Z (2018)

Anathema 02 (2018)

Elephant Protocol (2016)

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CENA 11 CIA. DE DANÇA develops and shares technical tools based on the relations between body, environment, subject and object as variables of the same living system that exists as dance. Its research and training projects converge theory and practice in the understanding of dance and cross the definitions of body, treating technology as an extension and expansion of the body itself. The Company, directed by Alejandro Ahmed, was founded and is based in the city of Florianópolis - SC and has been active in the artistic production of dance since 1995, having become a national and international reference in the area. A creative core with training in various areas composes the basis for an artistic production in which the idea needs to expand into a body and organize itself as dance.


The group proposes through a stable cast the collective organization through the singularities of the cast. In recent years, with the shows "Skinnerbox" (2005) and "Small fiction gaps on insistent reality" (2007), the Group proposed that its choreographic production be treated as a process in constant development, having as levels of stability the artistic formulations it takes to the public. In 2008, with the Exchange Project between Grupo Cena 11 (Brazil - Santa Catarina) and Impure Company (Norway), the company's forms of creation and research began to effectively consider in its dynamics the experiences exchanged with groups abroad and in Brazil, formulating compositional products in continuous development. This trajectory of research received from the Ministry of Culture and Federal Government the Order of Cultural Merit 2014. She has been awarded by APCA (São Paulo Association of dance critics) 4 times - 2014, 2012, 2007,1997 - and also by Prêmio Bravo, Prêmio Sérgio Motta de Arte e Tecnologia, Transmídia. Itaú Cultural, Bolsa Vitae and Rumos Itaú Cultural. 


The central research object of Grupo Cena 11 is the way the body is controlled, defined as subject and object of itself through movement. It is in dance that Cia. proposes that questions be developed and new ones proposed. At this moment the definitions of body, dance and choreography develop investigations about coexistence, difference, trace and continuity. How to continue enabling the body to be a collective. Not a collection of individualities, but an individual of collectivity. A body impossible to understand on its own.

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