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The Voice of Iara (in production)



Actor, playwright, director and announcer with a 16-year career. Born in Rio de Janeiro and living in São Paulo, he graduated from Escola de Teatro Martins Penna and, since then, seeks to transit through different platforms, languages and experiment new artistic formats in his creations. 

As an actor, he built a solid career in theater where he was part of the cast of numerous successful shows. In 2018 he won the most important awards in Brazil in the segment as Best Actor at Shell Award and Cesgranrio Award and Best Supporting Actor at Botequim Cultural Award and Cenym Award for the show Tom on the Farm, in addition to an APTR Award nomination as Best Actor. He is currently nominated, for the same play, at Prêmio Aplauso Brasil in São Paulo. 

In 2012 he created ExCompanhia de Teatro where, alongside Bernardo Galegale, he seeks to capture the zeitgeist in projects that explore the transmedia universe in theater, audio, installation, cinema, social networks, smartphones, sometimes all together. Based on site-specific dramaturgies, it creates immersive experiences that place the audience at the center of the work. It stands out in the group's trajectory "EU - Negotiating Senses", a month-long transmedia scenic experience that united social networks, virtual and face-to-face encounters with characters, in presentations in São Paulo and Germany; "FREQUENCY AUSENTE 19Hz", a "site specific" existential journey in 3D audio through the streets of cities inspired by Sartre's "The Nausea", and presented in important Festivals and institutions in Brazil, such as in the Official Showcase of Curitiba Festival and SESC Paulista Avenue, and outside the country, in Portugal and Montenegro, where it received the Special Award for outstanding performance of FIAT 2017; and THE VOYNICH ENIGMA, a suspense thriller in a 3D audio and digital graffiti series via app where the audience became the central character of the story.

He also frequently acts in film, such as in Divorce, The Doctrine, Maria do Caritó, Then the Crazy One is Me and The Secret Garden of Mariana, and on TV, such as in Netflix's Most Beautiful Thing and Aruanas on Globo and Globoplay.

At the moment, together with Corpo Rastreado, he idealizes, writes and acts in "A Voz de Iara", a scenic documentary that merges the history of Brazil and the world with the elusive memories of his mother, Iara, who died 34 years ago. In the project, he tries to find meaning for his own existence through the reconstruction of his mother and a dramaturgy that mixes family testimonials with national and world historical data and events, defending the importance of looking at the past to understand who we are today. In this work, Gustavo talks about his village and his homesickness in order, who knows, to talk about the world and the pains of others.

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