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Os Incendiários is a black theater group from São Paulo, made up of Lilian Regina (Um Inimigo do Povo), Filipe Celestino (O Bonde), Vaneza Francisca (3%) and Roma Oliveira (Tatuagem). Born in 2022, the collective's first work is the play "Silva", a new play by Lucas Moura (nominated for the Shell Drama Award in 2023 for "Desfazenda - Me enterrem fora desse lugar") and directed by Nilcéia Vicente and Georgette Fadel. The collective arose from the vital need to reflect on, question and denounce the genocide of the black population and the culture of erasure of blackness that exists in our country. 

In 2021, Os Incendiários won their first call for proposals, the Zé Renato Award, from the São Paulo Municipal Department of Culture. In order to research the black body in our society and our contemporary diasporas, the collective uses material from Max Frisch's "Biedermann e os incendiários", Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing", the burning of the statue of the bandeirante Borba Gato, in São Paulo, and improvisations in the rehearsal room, investigating fire, laughter and slapping, to create the new show "Silva".

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Silva (2022)

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