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INOAH -  Street Group and Bruno Beltrão (RJ)


In  Inoah, Bruno Beltrão and their company Grupo de Rua explore urban life at the crossroads between encounter and confrontation, aggression and exuberance, animosity and camaraderie. Ten dancers approach each other, then move away, making their way through an almost dark space with whirling movements, quick kicks, leaps and flips. With pure physical presence and virtuosity, Grupo de Rua gives free rein to a choreography that pulsates with vibrant energy and enthusiasm. Tense as a thunderstorm night,  Inoah  it is a statement about the irresolvable contradictions that shake Brazilian society.


Direction  Bruno Beltrão

driving assistance  Ugo Alexandre Neves

interpreters  Bruno Duarte, Cleidson De Almeida "Kley", Douglas Santos, Igor Martins, João Chataignier, Leandro Gomes, Leonardo Laureano, Linaldo Pantoja "Dhuk", Ronielson Araújo "Kapu", Sid Yon

light design  Renato Machado

costumes  Marcelo Sommer

Music Felipe Storino

Work carried out at Sesc Vila Mariana 2018

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