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“THE DARKEST PLACE IS UNDER THE LIGHT” features creative and dancing participation by Elton Sacramento, Laura Samy and Maria Alice Poppe

This work travels through the scene through the sensitive choices of each dancer, along ways that access humor and anxiety, established by momentary information from the gaze and decisions. Seeing is always an agitated action, which, in the field of attention, becomes physical awareness and instinct.

Over these years of research, where we move our senses and dance, I affirm the love I feel for dance, a changeable, inexhaustible and renegotiable matter.” The darkest place is under the light" is my 31st creation, among: Solos, duos, trios, quartets, quintets, sextets, ensembles composed of eight, ten dancers, two written and staged texts, two exhibitions and shows, where dance he is always the protagonist of stories in partnerships that come closer and farther according to our will. In these dark times, I remain because I believe in the essential space of art in people's lives, because it makes them better. If you're a good person doing things you like to do, it's the same thing as doing good. Looking at Elton, Maria Alice and Laura I see how well they do me.


Directing and directing - João Saldanha

Creation - Elton Sacramento, João Saldanha, Laura Samy and Maria Alice Poppe

Dance - Elton Sacramento, Laura Samy and Maria Alice Poppe

Incidental trail - Sacha Amback.                       

Sound Operation - Thiago Tafuri

Seamstress - Lucia Lima

Prism Object - Custody

Cocar - Marcela Saldanha

Production - Tracked Body

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