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Maikon K lives in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. His work transits between performance, dance and theater. He started his trajectory in Scenic Arts and graduated in Social Sciences (emphasis on Theatre Anthropology). For 15 years she has been researching ways to modify consciousness through body practices and rites. The focus of her research is the body and its ability to alter perceptions. Her work is influenced by shamanic practices; in it the performer constructs various realities through specific body techniques, by means of song, non-verbal sound, dance, visual signs, and ritualized activities. He is interested in states of consciousness, dark humor, the sacred-prophane relationship, sexuality, intensities, the grotesque, and testing sensibilities.


Ecstasy Machine (2020)

Public Domain (2018) 

Cannibal Mist (2018)

The Solar Anus ( 2017)

Ancestral Body (2015)

Terrarium (2015)

DNA of DAN/ ( 2013

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