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The Performative Kitchen, Artistic Collaborative Platform, is the result of the long trajectory of its creator, the artist Marcos Moraes, after many years of creation, management, production and therapeutic work from the body and dance. The idea was to convene the desires of artists with different artistic sensibilities to coexist, share their processes and work together in diverse supports and a common field that would partially dissolve authorship, facing the challenge of alterities and bringing light to the relationships between creation and production modes. The Performative Kitchen has already had the participation of almost 100 diverse artists and professionals, and keeps reinventing itself every day.


Some of the dishes produced since 2014 are the book The Performative Kitchen, the video Saboroso, the dance solo Anatomy of the Horse, the performance The Pig and the Cook, as well as the Performative Dinners and Conversations in the Kitchen. In 2019, A Descrição do Mundo begins, with group urban walks and public sharing, and with the performance The Book of Wonders. In 2020, the cauldron keeps bubbling, producing new dishes.


The Book of Wonders (2019)

Anatomy of a Horse (2014)

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