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Trava (2019)

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Marina Mathey is a singer, actress, director and columnist, having built her career in theater since 2006 in Americana/SP and then in São Paulo since 2010. Graduated from Schoo of Dramatic Arts in 2015, she began her professional research intersecting performance, music, audiovisual, dance and theater. In 2016 she founded the “Collective Transviadas Libertarians”, directing the research and doing of urban performances that discussed the presence/absence of sexual and gender dissidents bodie in public spaces and their implications for them. “Collective” acted in São Paulo since 2016 to 2018, having among its accomplishments the performances “Pos-AfetHIVo” and “to Support” and the medium-length film “DEGENERADxS”. In 2018 Marina debuts her first show, “TRAVA”, at the “RISC” Festival, and in 2019 she circulates with the same in spaces such as Teatro Oficina (Chama Festival), Sérgio Cardoso Theater, Viga Scenic Space, Grajaú Cultural Center, among others - also by other cities in the country, such as Porto Seguro/BA and Boipeba/BA. In “TRAVA”, the artist investigates the affections and disaffections directed towards transvestigender bodies on the part of cisgenderness, the horny and the death pulse present in the daily life of a travesti – from which her first two singles and video clips of “XV” and "Monster". She is currently working on the creation and production of her first Visual Album previously titled “Pau-Brasil Doll”. Marina also simultaneously directs the show "MINI-Bius, Bils, Bios" - Honorable Mention at the Mix Brasil Festival 2020 - and a film project - this one in partnership with Casa Chama - based on the short story “A Passion in Desert”, by Honoré de Balzac, together with a team made up 90% of trans people. In cinema, as an actress, she is part of the cast of the series "3%" (NETFLIX), "Basic Unity" (Universal Channel), "Todxs Nós" (HBO), "Beasts" (MTV) and the feature films "Brenda Lee and Princess Palace (Dir. Zé Henrique de Paula), "Cordially Yours" (Dir. Aimar Labaki) and " Lightning Kidnapping " (Dir. Tata Amaral). Marina, in 2016, danced the show “GALA”, by Jerome Bel, and from 2018 to 2020 she joined iNSAiO Cia. de Arte, directed by Claudia Palma, where she danced the shows “Abyssal” and “Infinity Act”. In 2020 collaborate with the Collectivity MARSHA working on production of first online LGBT "MARSHA! Enter the Room". In 2020, in addition to festivals, he developed the program "CineMARSHA!", curated by films and series and promoting chats based on non-hegemonic contexts and bodies in the audiovisual area. In 2021 he began his column at UOL Ecoa, where weekly presents texts with content related to art, socio-political issues and general events, proposing essays with provocations to transform the world from a restless perspective.

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