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At  Fables of La Fontaine (2019)

Singularities (2018)

Brief Compendium (2015)

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Núcleo de Pesquisa Mercearia de Ideias emerged as a research group dedicated to the refinement of scenic construction through the encounter of technical performance with sensitive content, always reflecting in dance creation, the direct communication with the spectator and the possibilities existing in this relationship, approaching current themes in a poetic way, and clearly dialoguing with contemporary society.

In the beginning of January 2009, the Research Nucleus Mercearia de Ideias began its research processes under the guidance of choreographer and artistic director Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni. Within the proposed meetings, the core developed its own work methodology, linked to the research that has been developed by Bongiovanni throughout his career, bringing together his personal experiences and artistic expertise. The creation in dance starts from the valorization of the movement discovered in the possibilities of each performer, within specific creation proposals and improvisation tools.

Núcleo de Pesquisa Mercearia de Ideias is today a collaborative platform of artists for research and experiments in contemporary dance, theater and music. The group has been working consistently since 2009 with a series of productions made possible by government support for both production and circulation.

Since his return to Brazil in 2004, after an extensive career in official companies in Europe, Bongiovani coordinates cultural projects with emphasis on choreography, movement direction or with a pedagogical approach in conducting workshops on Improvisation and Composition.

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