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THE FORMITABLES -  Open Dance Nucleus 

As formidáveis

Formidáveis is a children's and musical play that follows the adventures and misadventures of a trio of friends who are both pop singers and secret agents. Headed by former villain and current criminal slayer Almeida, the paporme trio, with their clumsy way, manages to prevent the evils of villains such as Dr. Estraga-Prazeres, Monsieur Vilon, Dondoca and Lero-Lero, and at the same time , win over many fans with their presentations in a freshman contest. The play is narrated by the trio's arch-enemy, Dick Trapaceiro, and its main theme is the difference between lies and truth, between seeming and being, between having and being. The piece covers a period from 1966 to 1971 and vastly explores the pop aesthetics of the time: fashion, costumes, slang, music, dance, radio and TV shows.

Dramaturgy: Cláudia Maria de Vasconcelos

Direction:  Neca Zarvos and Priscila Jorge

Musical Direction:  Natalia Mallo

Scenography and Lighting: Marisa Bentivegna

Costumes and Props: Marina Reis

Cast: Dirceu de Carvalho, Larissa Cardoso, Moacir Ferraz, Nathália Alfieri, Tamirys O'hanna

Graphic Art: Rica Ramos

Production:  Silvestre

Work carried out at Sec Bom Retiro 2019

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