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How to raise children free of gender stereotypes? The play Why? brings a new perspective on what defines the behavior of boys and girls. Loosely inspired by the book "To Raise Feminist Children - a manifesto", by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the play presents Chizalum, Nora and Tomás, two girls and a boy full of questions about behaviors imposed by adults. 

Why is there something that one can do and the other cannot? Why is superhero a boy thing? Why are girls treated like dolls? Why don't men cry? From questions like these, the author duo provokes and invites the audience to embark on the search for a free and egalitarian existence, in a sensitive and humorous way. The three main characters go on a fantastic journey, after a flying letter, and during the adventure, they discover the importance of their strengths and weaknesses.



Why??? (2018)

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