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Rádio Agora
With our feet firmly on the ground of the present, we turn our gaze to the radio and choose this way to invent a not-so-fictional universe, which points to Brazil and invites us to listen to what we have refused to see. In a first movement, Rádio Agora presents an archeology in which remains of history and history are mixed, from the proclamation of the republic to the contemporary extermination of the LGBTQIA+ population. Through a diverse cast, in which each voice is a living story, the dramatic and sound poetry evokes dreams and nightmares to awaken the future. In a second narrative line, the chapters of the radio soap opera Não Há Flores in this Garden are based on a complaint of abuse made by the girl Mariana against the powerful pastor Everaldo, spiritual leader of the Amor de Deus Church. The denunciation detonates worlds around Mariana and its shock waves confront the characters with the shards of an accumulation of failures for which there is no lack of responsibility.

Cast/Voices: João Acaiabe | Leo Moreira Sa | Marina Mathey | Mawusi Tulani | Ney Piacentini | Pascoal da Conceição | Raphael Garcia | Renata Tupinambá | Roberta Estrela D`alva | Sandra Nanayna

General Management: Claudia Barral, Dani Nega, Eugênio Lima and José Fernando Peixoto de Azevedo

Dramaturgy: Claudia Barral and José Fernando Peixoto de Azevedo

Sound Dramaturgy and Sound: Dani Nega and Eugênio Lima

Production: Body Tracked

Project and Realization: CCSP / Theater Curatorship

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