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Ricardo Guilherme Vieira dos Santos, better known as  Ricardo Guilherme, was born in Fortaleza, Ceará.

He is an actor, playwright, director, story-writer, chronicler, poet, teacher and journalist, in addition to having published books on the history of Ceará's theater. As a university professor, he was one of the signatories, in 2009, in the creation of the performing arts course at the Federal University of Ceará, and was also its first vice-coordinator. In addition, he had teaching experience at several universities in Europe, Africa, Central and North America.

In his more than forty years of theatrical activity, he has participated in more than one hundred shows, with recognized national and international trajectory, which feature seasons in several countries in Europe, Africa and the Americas, in addition to having received prizes such as the Unesco dramaturgy , in 1987.

Work carried out at the II International Biennial of USP

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