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Teatergruppen Beat (Denmark)


It is written in a book so small that only very young people can understand it. A melodious encounter between an ordinary girl and a strange penguin who can whistle upside down. The penguin eats five fish for breakfast and speaks fluent Penguin. And by the way, he made his home in a rubber boot... Well, you have to live somewhere, don't you? Will the two fit? On stage there is a harmonica, a trumpet, all sorts of stringed instruments, two charming actor-musicians, as well as the tiny book that the little members of the audience can take home and show to their acquaintances.



Text: Soeren Ovesen

Direction: Soeren Ovesen

Set design and costumes: Trine Holtoug

Original music: Per Thomsen

Cast: Per Thomsen and Danay Anaya Blanco

Photo: Ditte Valente


Work done at the XIII Paideia Festival

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