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A MOTOSSERRA PERFUMADA is a theater group performing for 7 years in São Paulo city. They have beeing. Between 2014 and 2020, they created performances, urban interventions, lectures and Reading cycles, and the show “Aquilo que me arrancaram foi a única coisa que me restou” (2015) (That thing I’ve been tokened was the only thing I had left) and “RES PVBLICA 2023” (2019). The group is directed by the poet, playwright and PhD in Performing arts by the University of São Paulo, Biagio Pecorelli, and brings together actors, actresses and musicians who have been working independently since 2005. 


RED LINE (2021)

RES PVBLICA 2023 (2019)

That which was torn from me was the only thing I had left (2015)​

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