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THE LAST PIECE - Inês Vianna


This is the story of the woman who doesn't remember. She does not remember that she has a child, therefore, nor that she is a mother. The son, who had gone away, returns in an attempt to get closer to his mother. The last play is the debut of actress and theater director Inez Viana as a playwright. It is a profound text about the relationship between mother and child, and about the importance of memory as proof of our existence.


Text: Inez Viana

Directed by: Danilo Grangheia

Artistic Collaboration: Grace Passô

Cast: Inez Viana and Felipe Rocha

Affective participation: Rider Duque

Assistant Director: Junior Dantas

Movement Direction: Cristina Moura

Art Direction: Simone Mina

Photos: Elisa Mendes and Renato Mangolin

Videography: Luís Cruz

Costumes: Virginia Barros

Lighting: Ana Luzia De Simoni

Sound Creation: Marcello H

Press Office: Paula Catunda and Catharina Rocha

Graphic Art: André Senna

Executive Production RJ: Douglas Resende

Executive Production SP: Júnior Dantas

Production Management: Tracked Body  

Work carried out at Sesc Pompéia and Sesc Copacabana 

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