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Kiss on the Asphalt is one of the greatest texts of 20th century Brazilian drama, and Nelson Rodrigues is one of the country's greatest playwrights.
The Kiss on the Asphalt project is a contemporary staging of Nelson Rodrigues' classic play, written in 1960, which has already had 4 seasons in the state of São Paulo (Sesc Santo André, Teatro Núcleo Experimental, Teatro Arthur de
Azevedo, Teatro Itália Bandeirantes).
A hit-and-run accident. A man falls to the pavement, hit by a bus, in the center of Rio de Janeiro. In his agony, he asks another man who had run to his aid for a kiss. The fact is very simple, but in a sublime circumstance: a kiss on the lips of a man on the verge of death. It's enough to serve as a cell to spread a tragedy.
tragedy. Because, from the fact itself, lies and more lies unfold, which poison, go viral and kill. And let's note the biting detail: it all happened in Praça da Bandeira: a kiss between two men in front of the country's greatest symbol.
The most impressive thing is that the whole tangle of lies becomes more important than the death of the man
run over.

​Beijo no Asfalto deeply unmasks the roots of the formation of Brazilian society, its characteristics, perversities, vices and deepest stigmas.
Our production preserves Nelson Rodrigues' full text, thus giving audiences the chance to hear
author's unique and extraordinary style on stage. It has a large cast of 9 artists, plus 2 technicians, 2 producers and the director.
producers and the director.

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